nick craddock – process part 323


Shortly after being invited to contribute to the Process Series, I had a spell of activity getting some ideas down for a mix. I pulled out a short (actually fairly long) list of music and recorded a handful of sessions but didn’t have a strong enough feeling about any of them to submit.

It was a strange time for me, personally. I was going through some relationship stuff and I was conscious that whatever I may have produced at that time might be coloured in some way by that experience. This wasn’t necessarily something I was resistant to –- quite the opposite, in fact – but in the end I did not consider that I’d been able to harness it to any creative worth and left the project alone.

The mix sat untouched on my hard drive for a few months and I forgot all about it. I was still mixing a lot at home but nothing dedicated to this purpose. Then, quite recently I came across the recording again and had a listen, and I was surprised at how little memory I had of making it. It actually took me a while to retrospectively identify the tracks I’d included.

I’ve listened to it quite a bit since then and I am fond of it – possibly in part because it I don’t have a conscious memory of making it, yet I think it has a particular mood which was specifically linked to the point I was at then. So, in some ways, I think my initial attempt to capitalze on that state of mind, or emotional state, was successful. I guess it does seem quite melancholy to me. It’s rather meandering, I think – not in a rush to get anywhere particular.

So, this provides some context for the mix. Maybe not ‘process’, as such. It wasn’t really typical of how my mixes come to be, though it is important to me that the ones I make available have a sense of atmosphere and this is something I most enjoy in other mixes that I hear as well. I’m not going to talk too much about the mechanics of it – I’m not so interested in that level of detail, personally. Suffice to say, though, I use turntables and vinyl, primarily, and it was recorded in one take.

I’m going to keep this short before it sounds too self-aggrandizing, but I quite like this mix and I hope you do too. I’d also like to dedicate this to Mia.

01. Aiken ‘Conclusion (Architectural Remix)’ [Science Label]
02. Koss, Henriksson, Mullaert ‘One (DJ QU Remix)’ [Mule Electronic]
03. Even Tuell ‘Close Dancin’ [Musik Krause]
04. Conforce ‘Subtraction’ [Meanwhile Sounds]
05. Smallpeople ‘Black Ice’ [Smallville]
06. A Sagittariun ‘Carina (Original Dream)’ [Elastic Dreams]
07. Kassem Mosse ‘Untitled (Workshop 12)’ [Workshop]
08. Margaret Dygas ‘Country Way of Life’ [Perlon]
09. Steve Stoll ‘Deep Substance’ [Smile]
10. Anton Zap ‘Taj Mahal’ [Story]
11. Yør ‘Golden Boy’ [Purple Maze]
12. Ed Davenport ‘New Yorkshire (Fred P Reshape)’ [NRK]
13. D’Marc Cantu ‘I Want to Ride’ [Crème Organization]
14. Kuba Sojka ‘Echo of the Time’ [Rohs!]
15. Exos ‘Felx’ [Symbolism]

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