Contributing to The Process Series is an invitation to break free from horizontal movement: to kick hard and with deep breath, break below the surface noise to a place of suspension – a dimensional reality. A place where consciousness is more physical then intellectual, where moments are measured not while within them, but only once you’ve emerged. It’s abstract: disappearing. But it’s exactly that kind of untethering the series feeds on: mapping experiences, places, yourself.

How does inviting play access creativity & cultivate curiosity, allowing meaning, purpose, form to emerge? Riding the energy that surfaces when you find flow is a good medium to move through while enjoying the getting there.

The deliverables include:

1) An audio file of a mix or track or live set or improvisation or…
2) A written description that more or less talks about where your creativity is rooted and what makes your music, or even, the way you play other people’s music, sound like you (i.e. where does your aesthetic come from?).

There is NO DEADLINE on the project. It’s not always easy to know when a good idea/feeling may come along, but I find practice opens you up so that when it does, you are ready to catch it. I hope you will consider: intuition vs. gut instinct.

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