nick craddock – process part 353


Mixed Emotions, Mixed Results

This is another hard drive orphan – an old mix from a few years back that I’d mostly forgotten about. I went into some detail for my last submission about the mood and emotional setting in which it was recorded. I don’t much feel like doing that this time around, but there’s also a melancholic thing going on with this one – I’d loosely titled it ‘Mixed Emotions, Mixed Results’. I’m not such an emo, I promise, but Modyfier seems to get my weepy ones. It seems fitting to find a home for these mixes here, given the thoughtful nature of project. I’ve been getting really into recording quite tough, energetic Techno mixes of late and I’d probably have a harder time expanding on those in the same way, other than talking about my love of banging tracks. I digress… So, this mix is pretty much an anti-banger, but I like it for that reason. It’s pretty short – shorter than I’d usually be comfortable presenting, but to me it feels nicely self-contained. I’m glad it’s getting an airing.

01. Larry Heard ‘Missing You’ (Theo’s Missing Dub) (Track Mode)
02. John Roberts ‘Ever or Not’ (Dial)
03. Marco Passarani & Sacco ‘Flora’ (Desolat)
04. Sikøra ‘Public Primate Moments’ (Klang Elektronik)
05. Farben ‘Silikon’ (Klang Elektronik)
06. The Connection Machine ‘Blue Genes Copyshop’ (Down Low Music)
07. Isolee ‘Törn’ (Dial)
08. Cabanne ‘Dawn’ (Telegraph)
09. Submersible Machines ‘Braving the Benthic’ (Lunar Disko)
10. ArD2 ‘Awakening’ (Frigio)

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