tim xavier – process part 390


Limited 400 Farewell Odyssey 2005-2012

I conceptualized LTD-400 circa 2005. The idea was to release artful tracks from the heart and have each copy pass through the hands of the creator/collaborator before distribution. With the help of some local Brooklyn friends, we spray-painted the negative photo image of my face onto 400 vinyl records. Ten years later I made the decision to put the LTD imprint to rest. It was a wild ride and acted as a vehicle that initially brought me to Berlin in 2006. With great honor I present the re-mastered versions of the best of the best: Original tracks I produced and performed with remixes and co-production from Camea, Par Grindvik, Mark Broom, Dustin Zahn, DJ Sodeyama, Dave Turov, Miro Pajic, Mike Wade, Ambivalent, and George Rontiris AKA (G-Tech). Thanks to Mark Houle, Maayan Nidam, and Tamin the mad painter for helping design and package the initial release back in the day! Mad respect!

HERE are the individual tracks from the Farewell Pack


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