elektro guzzi – process part 400

By: modyfier

Mar 19 2017

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I carried around the idea for this mix for all of 2016: I simply wanted to present all the projects and collaborations that all three members of Elektro Guzzi are involved in at the moment. I thought it would be interesting to see the great variety of musical ideas and how they are still somehow connected. The main reason why it took so long to finally finish the selection is that it was a very productive but also very busy year for Elektro Guzzi – a new full length album, a new EP featuring three trombone players, a collaboration with musicians playing baroque instruments, recording new music with our close friends of RocketNumberNine and of course playing live shows almost every week-end. Anyways I’m very happy I found the time to record this mix because it represents the musical world my bandmates and I are working in and I like this world a lot – I hope you enjoy it too!


Demibroxa – Konstrukt (Listen Closely)
Monochord – Cloud Nine (Unreleased)
Tumido – Xaxim (Interstellar Records)
Innode – Dedispersion (Editions Mego)
Elektro Guzzi feat. Cristian Vogel – Harddub (Unreleased)
Metalycee – Everything (Interstellar Records / Mosz)
Buenoventura – Exhilerate (Hezekina Pollutina)
Elektro Guzzi – Element (Bone Version) (Denovali Records)

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