marco franzoni – process part 396

By: modyfier

Jan 31 2016

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Mirrors, Shattered

This is a mirror of sounds made up of single fragments I composed over the past couple of years while in different locations around the world. It’s been constructed from over a hundred pieces that shattered and then put back together to make what appears as a single reflection. But if you look (hear!) closer there are many reflections, as the fragments are taking slightly different musical angles and therefore may irradiate in multiple directions.

I decided to tune this composition to 432Hz (as opposed to the classic 440Hz), the reason being: 432Hz is in tune with the natural frequency of Earth’s rotation. There could be an entire article to be written just about this but I don’t want to get too technical or scientific about it, I just want to use it as another channel for perception.

“Sometimes the reflection is far more present than the thing being reflected.”
–from The Limits Of Control (2009)


Closet mirror of a familiar home.
Shop window of a metropolis.
Rearview mirror of a rental car
Front camera of your phone.
Try to catch yourself looking at a random mirror.
Do you look like who you are?
What version of you does it really reflect?
Is it harsh?
Is it gentle?
Is it the real thing but opposite?
There is an immediate illusion of reality, happening right now
and you are looking at it
Think really deeply and carefully.
After all, this is a reflection.

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