rich ears – process part 395


Solar Flare

I was invited by my bother in music, DF Tram, to contribute a guest mix to the excellent Modyfier series.

And now, to describe my personal creative process. It all begins with compiling an extensive playlist based on an idea, mood, setting or vibe. From there on, it becomes quite an unexpected ride. Many times, most of the selected tracks and samples don’t even end up in the final result. This time, the mix is a journey between styles, moods and sounds of past, future and present.

Music is a force of nature, an essential breath of life. I listen to a lot of music, but also enjoy prolonged silence – recharging my ears and energies. Writing these words now on the sunny & quiet isle of Ibiza, it all seems to fit perfectly.

One comment on “rich ears – process part 395”

  1. This mix is very special to me. What sound like samples & field recordings add such a unique and timeless sound. It really invites me to journey. I’ve never heard anything like this, and it did me so good to listen. I will treasure this one. Thanks you for the depth and space to imagine and go within. Thank you for the inspiration to be intentional.

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