philipp demankowski – process part 389

By: modyfier

Jun 26 2015

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While making mixes it’s important for me to take the listener on an emotional journey. As both a journalist and a DJ, I love to help people discover new music they might like. The best thing, though, is if one can totally dive in without too much thinking. With mixes, it always helps if the transitions between songs are rather smooth. It has nothing to do with playing live in the club, that’s for sure. It’s rather an intimate matter that is open to anyone. For myself, I can say that I literally control my feelings with music. If I’m stressed, sad or even overexcited it needs just the right records to support it and set up a proper mood. And that can be anything. That’s why my mixes tend to include songs from different genres. Also, in this Modfyier-mix, you’ll get from Krautrock via Percussion heavy Arabic music to House. But I hope the listener won’t notice that :).

01. Von Spar – I Can’t Stand The Grain
02. Circuit, Burns & Hawk – From The Legal Pad Of Track 1
03. Edgar Froese – Pinnacles
04. RJ – Nie
05. Maximilian Dunbar – Polo
06. Lovefingers – Zoysia
07. Bufiman – Kalvier
08. Baris K – 200
09. Clashing Egos – Aminjig Nebere (I Trusted You) (Joakim’s Afrobot Mix)
10. UnknownmiX – The Siren (Losoul’s Hot Edit)
11. Propaganda – Frozen Faces
12. The Habibeats – Rum
13. Soft Rocks – Umut 2000
14. Vakula – New Sensations
15. Palmbomen II – Cindy Savalas
16. Matrixxman – Enter Me
17. Road Hog – The FUCK outta my lane
18. New Musik – 24 Hours From Culture

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