finn johannsen – process part 388


These mixes are an admittedly self-indulgent excursion that is a very personal sentimental journey. Going back, way back, back into time etc. A time where I was over twenty years younger, the early 90’s. The music you are about to hear is what we listened to at friends’ places before hitting the club. Every weekend we were dead certain that tonight will be THE night, even better than THE night the weekend before. We were young, handsome, carefree and everything that mattered was imminent. We knew there were hours of dancing to the most wonderful music lying ahead, and we actually could not really wait. In those days the club night began timely, and it had an end. We did not even think of being fashionably late, because there could have been so much we could have missed out on. But still, there was some time left. So beers open, cigs lit, talks, laughter, scheduling phone calls, dressing up and of course, the music. The music had to be perfect. But the music also had to be different to what we would dance to later on. We are not talking about music that should not distract, quite the opposite. It should be involving, fuelling our anticipation, but not exhausting it. Of course sometimes we were out buying the latest records earlier on, and we were playing them to each other. But sooner or later the dominant sound of getting ready was mellow, slick, lush, warm, elegant, fluid, flowing, smooth, soothing, emotional, DEEP.

It was the sound pioneered in Chicago by artists like Larry Heard and Marshall Jefferson and many others, then developed further in New York by artists like Wayne Gardiner, Bobby Konders, the Burrell Brothers and also many others. Do not mistake their music as being designed for home listening purposes. The DJs would use them, too. As a gentle introduction, or as a moment of regeneration during peak time, or as the best possible way to ease the crowd out again in the early morning, so that not a single glorious moment of what just happened was tainted by something less. A lot of these tracks had enough kicks to have you working at any time, but they also seemed to be created for special moments, closed eyes, embraces, disbelief evoked by sheer beauty.

The musical programming of that era was quite different to today. It was not steadily going up and up, it was going up and down. There were detours, breaks, constant pace shifts, even pauses. Surprises welcome. A single style was not mandatory. Changes were expected, and fulfilled, at best unexpectedly. There was a flow, but it was not built-in, it had to be achieved.

A lot of these tracks have tags like Ambient or Jazz in their titles and credits, but they did not really try to be either. The artists involved liked to display their musicianship, and their ability to establish a mood and an atmosphere. They knew how to write a melody, they knew how to arrange their layers and instruments, they were determined to sound as good as their means would allow.

One reason why I wanted to record these mixes is that I sometimes miss club music artists being musicians. And music oblivious to floor imperatives and mere functionalism. The other reason is that I was interested how these tracks would sound or even hold up if you did not just inject this feeling in between something else, but you pull it through, for HOURS. Would it be too much? You decide.

I’d like to dedicate this to the Front Kids, wherever you may roam. You rule.


01. Basil Hardhaus – Breezin’
02. Bang The Drums – Tribal Rhythms
03. Liz Torres – Don’t Let Love Pass You By (Master C & S Groove)
04. Mr. Fingers – Children At Play
05. Psyche – Elements -5,4
06. Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen – Forever Monna
07. Scuba – Heavenly (Remix)
08. After Hours – Waterfalls (3 A.M. Mix)
09. Beautiful People – I Got The Rhythm (Club Mix)
10. Logic – I Got Somethin’ (Deep Mix)
11. Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song (E.K. 12 Inch Mix)
12. Pal Joey – Flight 801
13. MG – Amazon Blue (Blue Mix)
14. Freedom Authority – Expressions (Flute Groove)
15. Rydims – Rydim #2 (Version)
16. Dream 2 Science – My Love Turns To Liquid (Warm Water Mix)
17. Project 86 – Legends (Vocal Mix)
18. Paradise Inc. – Deep Thoughts (Shelter Instrumental)
19. Yohan Square – Love Of Life (Genesis Mix)
20. The Utopia Project – File #3
21. Metro – Brownstone Express
22. Vincent Floyd – Imaginary Voyage
23. The Bias Project – The Valley
24. The Vision – Shardé
25. Mark Rogers – Twilight For Some
26. Subculture Feat. Marcus – The Voyage (The Hayden Andre Deep Mix)
27. Mr. Fingers – On My Way (Pinky Blue Mix)
28. Aphrodisiac – Just Before The Dawn


01. Sensory Elements Vol 1 – Explain It
02. Inner Soul Feat. E. Scott – I’m In Need 4 U (Deep Instrumental)
03. Color Of Music – Body
04. Black Ice – A Different Space
05. Robert Owens – All Night Long
06. The Bass Foundation – Recognition (Club Rave)
07. Larry P. Rauson – Love Is The Only Way
08. Soulboy – Love Or Lust (Love Mix)
09. Braxton Holmes – 12 Inches Of Pleasure (Ron’s Foreplay)
10. Ron Trent – Love Affair (Ron’s Soulful Mix)
11. Underground Inc. – Magie Noire (Rick Lenoir Mix)
12. Rudoulpho – Sunday Afternoon
13. Wamdue Kids – All The Things
14. Code 718 – Equinox (Heavenly Club Mix)
15. Logic – The Final Frontier (Acoustic Mix)
16. Jacqui Gray – De’ Jah Voo (Snap Stra Mental Mix)
17. Sound Mechanix – Adam Said
18. Loni Clark – U Got Me (Mood II Swing)
19. Ideal – Atmosphere
20. Jazz-N-Groove – Do Ya (Marcs Lunch Pale Mix)
21. The Underground Solution – Luv Dancin’ (In Deep Mix)
22. DV8 – Old School House
23. Lovechild – Sweet Ambience (Deep Dub)
24. Essence – Just A Touch (Smooth Mix)
25. Logic – The Difference (A Different Mix)
26. Sound Source – Jazz House (Element Mix)
27. Sound Waves – I Wanna Feel The Music (Smooth Mix)
28. Love Tempo – Change For The Better (Alternate Instrumental)


01. Infra-Red – Love Honey
02. Flow – Feel The Flow (Instrumental)
03. Abstract – Rags
04. The Rude Awakening – The Dip (Big Dipper Mix)
05. The Opious Project – Jazz Party
06. The Sanctuary Project – C’mon Back
07. Juan-Touch – That’s All I Need
08. Loveroot – Hold Me Right (Hold Me Right Mix)
09. Koizumix Production – When Will I See You Again (Massive Sounds Club Mix)
10. Helen Sharpe – Got 2 Have Your Love (Jazz Rave Mix)
11. Moods – A Feeling (Deep Feeling)
12. DJ Dove – Organized
13. The Nick Jones Experience – Wake Up People
14. SNK – Samurai Remix (Summer Is Gone, Winter Is Here)
15. Lectroluv – If We Try (Ambient Dub)
16. Debbie Gibson – One Step Ahead (Masters At Work Mix)
17. Dub Poets – Version
18. Sound Waves – Gotta Have You (Smooth Mix)
19. Never On Sunday – Memories Of You
20. House 2 House – Boom (Hard Mix)
21. Larry Rauson – Music Mental #1
22. Koizumix Production – Love-Ballad (Stompin’ 12“ Mix)
23. Robinson Wall Project – Deep Down (Deep Down Dub)
24. Dee Dee Brave – Can’t Get Over It
25. Tikkle – Outer Limits (The Cosmic Mix)
26. Two Men On A Struggle – Project 1
27. Tikkle – Untitled
28. The Sanctuary Project – The Sanctuary
29. Wamdue Kids – That’s The Feeling
30. Nostalgic – Placid Angles
31. Koizumix Production – Sexy Heaven (King Street Sound Club Mix)
32. Sound Source – Key Notes (A Deep Trance Mix)
33. Darryl D’Bonneau – Say You’re Gonna Stay
34. New Deep Society – A Better Days (4 On The Floor A Better Dawn)
35. Irving and Romeo – Brighter Day (Club Mix)

2 comments on “finn johannsen – process part 388”

  1. My goodness these mixes are truly incredible. Thank you Mr. Johannsen, these to me are what dance music is all about. Being able to present music that dates back to the beginning of the 1990’s, music that is older than me, and having it sound so relevant. This is a great feeling seeing that some of this music is older than me, but sounds like it could be produced yesterday. As I sit here in the summer, I feel as though this is the perfect complement to the weather going on right now. Thank you so much for allowing people like myself to discover records produced before I was born.

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