df tram – process part 387


Mists of Time

The process of making a mix is a big part of the game for me. Searching for those ideas and sounds that somehow express what I am trying to convey. I also just love putting things together,that at first glance, would not seem like they would work well. This, to me, enables the audio to do the work, and helps me create a “vision”. Cutting and pasting audio , like a picture collage. I often work on a mix for quite a while, before releasing it. This allows me to dig really deep, and refine the audio.

I incorporate a lot of found sound and field recordings in my work. This makes it very personal, and injects an emotional reality into the music, that otherwise would not be there. Love, death, loss, comedy, psychedelia and cinema are just some of the recurring themes.

I want to be playful, and encourage the listener to discover new worlds or “mini movies” inside their heads when listening.

Time is a haunting dream, sung as a lullaby.

01. Deuter – Haleakala Mystery
02. Steve Hillage – Forever Rainbow
03. Kif – Madrugada Eterna
04. Fsol – Her Face Forms In the Summertime (DF Tram Edit)
05. Henry Mancini – The Girl From Ipanema
06. The Hellers – The Mist of Time
07. Kate Bush – Snowed In at Wheeler Street
08. Gigi Masin – The Word Love
09. Mystic Moods Orchestra – Theme From Stormy Weekend
10. Conrad Schnitzler – Buta Raga
11. Hugh Montenegro – Lost Horizon
12. Klaus Schulze – Dreams
13. John Abercrombie – Still
14. Dustin O’Halloran – Waltz #1
15. Arto Lindsay – Whirlwind
16. DF Tram – Tournesol
17. Roedelius – Frieden Fur Adjan
18. Gigi Masin and Tempelhof – She Left Home
19. Ennio Morricone – Poverty
20. Rafael Ferro and His Orchestra – Amazing Grace

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  1. […] was invited by my bother in music, DF Tram, to contribute a guest mix to the excellent Modyfier […]

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