alex tomb – process part 385


Recorded live at Kantine am Berghain for Positive Centre’s ‘In Silent Series’ Album Launch

Last November, the debut LP from Positive Centre was released on ‘Our Circula Sound’. The album release party was held at Kantine am Berghain in Berlin, with debut live sets from A Vision Of Love (Sigha), Covered in Sand (Shifted), and Positive Centre, all performing live.

It was a very special occasion for me — trying to do something different from usual that would fit with the rest of the great lineup, as well as having a coherent flow and musical meaning. The atmosphere in the venue was vibrant since the opening of the night. I started with ambient music and finished at quite a slow tempo, around 100bpm, delivering always a moody and dreamy atmosphere into the unknown.

Modyfier was again a very interesting opportunity and significant reason for me to ‘print’ this session and share it with people that weren’t there to experience it. I consider playing music as a pure art by itself, even though everyone can easily do it. It’s the sensation you get when you listen to something as a whole that clicks straight away when done right; like an ocean of feelings that will flow back and forth between the conductor and the audience, according to his mood.

I hope the listeners will like, and thanks again, Modyfier, for being an open-minded platform for artists to express their feelings through music.

Machines used:
4 stereo channels from Traktor going into 4 channels of A&H Xone 92, and a Jomox T-Resonator as FX send/return.

01. Alessandro Cortini – Fantasma Modulazione
02. Neel – Storm In Stickney
03. Drumcell – Dispatch
04. Ulwhednar – Arke Fiene
05. Neel – Travelling On Kepler Dorsum
06. PQM – You Are Sleeping (Acapella)
07. Shifted – Untitled
08. Eugene Carchesio – Circle Music II C
09. Andy Stott – Numb
10. Silent Servant – Process (Introduction)
11. Exoteric Continent – Definicio D’Estat
12. TM404 – 202/303/303/303/808 (Svreca Remix)
13. Donato Dozzy – Track 2
14. Scuba Death – Rapture Of The Deep
15. Vatican Shadow – Voices Came Crackling Across A Motorola Hand-Held Radio
16. Mika Vainio – Rust
17. Anjou – Inclosed
18. Anjou – Specimen Question

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