funky jeff – process part 383


I am moved by all forms of arts be it literature, films, architecture and especially records. As a vinyl junkie, I find myself spending absurds amounts of money on records, to say that it is an obssession for me would be an understatement. I have been DJing and listening to electronic since 1991 when my brother brought home a strange record that was 100 % electronic & sampled called ‘’Little fluffy clouds’ by The Orb. I am more interested in counter-culture than culture itself but also interested in musical scenes or movements such as minimal techno, Berlin techno, dub tech, drum and bass and Detroit techno. This podcast will reflect my fondness of deep, dubby and atmospheric sounds coming from Berlin, and more broadly, Germany. I did the podcast in August 2014 when I had just came back from Germany and was over excited with all I had seen during my trip : the architecture, the abundant means of transportation and the deep connection German people have with techno. An experience à la Basic channel deeply rooted at the heart of Berlin culture that seemed to connect me with its idiosyncracies. The mix is a celebration of minimal frameworks in electronic music coming from Germany be it dub, techno, ambient or tech-house. I tried to be as eclectic as possible with this mix while remaining cohesive. And to also feature classics and newer producers like Len Faki, Marcel Dettmann and Objekt. This mix of a 2h30 duration is a long journey I admit, but a journey that will be hopefully as intriguing for the soul as it is from the head and the feet.

1) A Berlin experience
2) Basic Channel : E2 E4 Reshape
3) Tony Allen : Olé (Moritz von Oswald rework)
4) Moritz von Oswald & Nils Petter Molvaer : Developement (Ricardo dig mix)
5) Round Four : Find a way (instrumental)
6) Round Four : Find a way featuring Tikiman
7) Maurizio : M-6
8) Robag Wruhme : Donnerkuppel
9) Basic Channel : Presence edit
10) Rhythm & Sound with Savage : Smile
11) Various artists aka Torsten Pröfrock : No. 8
12) Rhythm & Sound : Carrier
13) Dettman & Klock : Dawning
14) Len Faki : BX3 (original mix)
15) Model 500 : Starlight ( Echospace Unreleased mix)
16) Elting Lieb : Substraction Salz mix
17) Rhythm & Sound with Paul St-Hilaire : Never tell you
18) Elting Lieb : Backwater (D Diggler mix)
19) Porter Ricks : Port of transition
20) Delta Funtionen : Silhouette (Marcel Dettman remix)
21) Basic Channel : Radiance III edit
22) Objekt : Ganzfeld
23) Rhythm & Sound : Rise & Praise (Vainqueur mix)
24) Basic Channel : Quadrant dub I edit
25) Monolake : Mass transit railways

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