innen+aussen – process part 382



“One of the darkest and only the second mix to be published from INNEN+AUSSEN – Intravenus intends to take the listener beyond a threshold and illustrate the wonders and dread observed on a journey through a far away world. A trip made inevitable due to the destruction and decay of our home environment. The mix was recorded live in October 2013 in front of a small audience and played at loud volume. This mp3 version is suitable for home or headphone listening. Easy rider artpop to destroy is to create.”

In Order of Appearance:
Nurse With Wound, Zola Jesus, The Skull Defekts, David Jackman, Joy Division, Vakula, Huerco S., UnicaZürn, Answer Code Request, Octo Octa, X-TG, Microstoria/Stereolab, Pye Corner Audio, Total Life


Jenus Baumecker-Kahmke and Andreas Baumecker

Space Music by Steven Stapleton, Andrew Liles and Colin Potter. Avalanche (Slow) by Nika Roza Danilova, String Arrangement by JG Thirlwell. The Drum God by Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander. Flak by Jackman, Via. Dead Souls by Joy Division. Follow Me by Vakula. Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning) by B. Leeds. Hard Dawn Of The Atomic Ghost by Stephen Thrower and David Knight. Strange Days by Patrick Gräser. Fear by Octo Octa. All That Is My Own by Nico. Microlab: Endless Summer by Jan St Werner and Markus Popp, remix by Stereolab. Zero Centre by Pye Corner Audio. Radiator 1 by Kevin Doria

Record Labels Visited:
Beta-Iactam Ring Records, Sacred Bones Records, Conspiracy Records, Die Stadt, Sordide Sentimental, Leleka, Software Records, uZu Music, Answer Code Request, 100% Silk, Industrial Records Ltd., Thrill Jockey, Boomkat Editions, Important Records

Advice from the Creator:
Buy vinyl and learn to fly!

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