patty – process part 381


No Couples

I am moved and inspired by a bunch of things, including: Chicago, nostalgia and future/alternate visions, melancholy, eye contact, spirals, angles, echoes, bird songs, skyscrapers, the beach, outer space, ancient Greek art and literature. All of it influences how I listen to music and how I approach DJing, which is basically just trying to tell stories with records. I’m not really a fussy mixer; I like letting tracks breathe and evolve on their own.

For a long time now, I’ve been focused on instrumental music. I’m usually more intrigued by artists who create imagery without relying so much on words, vocals, lyrics, etc. Words are often too cheap and too easy. So, there are only a few bits of vocals in this mix.

I love vinyl and I’m obsessed with the emotional, sensual, psychedelic tension built (and released) by mixing between two records. It’s always interesting to see other DJs digging through their bags, seeking out and melting together sounds they love so much they just had to have in some tangible physical form.

smilecoldanatomy is my blog, created when I began developing an especially strong affinity for certain strands of electronic music. It is a very personal project, focused on various artistic/emotional pursuits, one of which is the “anatomy” mix series. I’m very appreciative of the artists from around the world who have accepted my invitation to join the fun and share their sounds, and I thank everyone who has ever read and/or listened to anything I’ve had to say.

This is an all-vinyl mix created in the presence of two friends, Jason and Eric. They helped pick a few records (and they chose the first one), along with the name. I grabbed a handful of tracks that I knew for a long time needed to be played here; otherwise it was improvised on the spot and recorded in one take. I’ve been feeling relatively relaxed lately, so this mix might reflect that.

It is an honor and a pleasure to contribute to Modyfier’s excellent podcast series. I hope you enjoy the story

01. Auji – Conclusion Came To You (Part 2) – Aniara
02. Rick Wade – No Place – Laid
03. DJ Sprinkles – Kissing Costs Extra – Kolour LTD
04. Orlando B – MK-12 – Yore
05. Steve O’Sullivan – Midnight Creeper (Extended) – Sushitech
06. Sven Weisemann – Amity – Mojuba
07. Deepchord – Electromagnetic Dowsing (Step 1) – S Y N T H
08. KS – Contrail – Stratosphere
09. Emmanuel Top – Addiction – Planete Rouge Records
10. Abdulla Rashim – Semien Terara 2 – Abdulla Rashim Records
11. Ko-Ta – Comptine – Stratosphere
12. Redshape – Violet – Delsin
13. Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12 B1 – Workshop
14. Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Vertical Ascent 3 – Honest Jon’s Records
15. Alan Backdrop – Snit – Enklav

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