nikita zabelin – process part 380


Whenever one talks about contemporary techno, it’s no longer sufficient to make canonical references to Detroit or Berlin. Nowadays techno has become a burgeoning network that constantly changes form and function independent of any single location. Global centers of nightclub culture have recognized this decentered, networked pattern of influences – together with the fidelity of modern techno fans. One of the newest hotspots on an unfolding map is Nikita Zabelin, a young Russian producer and sound designer, who is also resident at Moscow’s Monasterio club.

Nikita is a proponent of minimalism that grew initially from the German techno-world, yet whatever those early sources, he has now come into his own as a sonic artist. «My music is not driven by songs. Instead it’s the creation of alternative realities, whether they spring from visual images or grow from my own experience with modern technology.» These trajectories and experiments have now led to sharing the stage with James Ruskin, Speedy J, Truncate, Shifted, Robert Hood, Slam- plus others.

01. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man – Test 2 / Acid Test
02. Echologist – m13 dpo / Prologue
03. Omar S – Tardigrade’s / FXHE Records
04. Yan Cook – Rhomb / Ann Aimee
05. Terence Fixmer & Cormac – Lovesick (Monoloc Rmx 0.0.2) / CLR
06. Answer Code Request – Ghostes (Original Mix) / Ostgut Ton
07. Sigha – The Black House (Original mix) / Blueprint Records
08. The Plant Worker – A2 (Original mix) / Limited
09. DJ Lock – Interceptor (Christian Wunsch remix) / Reaktor
10. Len Faki, Roman Poncet – Asua (Original Mix) / Figure
11. Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann rmx) / Dekmantel
12. Mikael Jonasson – Quatar (Audio Injection Remix) / Ground Factory Rec
13. Philip Row – Slope (Jonas Kopp Remix) / Gynoid Audio
14. Alien Rain – Alienated 4A (Original Mix) / Alien Rain
15. Rrose – Pentagons (Original Mix) / EAUX
16. Marco Shuttle – Sing Like a Bird (Original) / Time To Express
17. Uncode – Uncoordinated Movements (Rhizome Remix) / Faut Section

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