anfs – process part 376


I consider the process of creating a DJ set similar to that of producing music. That is why I decided to contribute to the Process Series with a DJ set and 2 tracks. The style of my productions can be quite different from the music that I mix in a set, but the procedure is the same: painful, disappointing, somewhat autistic. In the end, it’s relieving and mostly I find I’ve enjoyed myself.

01. Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry [R&S]
02. Tapirus – Acid Love Story [Midnight Shift]
03. Jake Conlon – Danica [Decoy]
04. Radial – NYE [MORD]
05. Plant45 – Inward Stream [Semantica]
06. Kryptic Minds & Sleeper – Solarized Formation [Osiris Music]
07. Fokus Group – Mucky Crack Funk [Pennyroyal]
08. Glimpse – True South [Aus]
09. Rebekah – Asymmetric [CLR]
10. Special Request – Wall To Wall [Houndstooth]
11. Death Abyss – Humiliate For Sport [Rodz-Konez]
12. Papers – Untitled B1 [PAPERS]
13. SAWF – Trivoli [Polegroup]
14. NX1 – EOD01 [DAYZ]
15. Lag – Sama Doma [Mord]
16. Mrsk – Blood Relic [Skudge]
17. Planetary Assault Systems – Nanendi [Mote Evolver]
18. Audio Injection – Charge [LDNWHT]
19. EDMX – Frozen Stomp [Power Vacuum]
20. Ancient Methods – Knights & Bishops [Ancient Methods]
21. SAWF – Menete [Perc Trax]

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