stef mendesidis – process part 374


I think a part of being is human is also being a machine. For me, this means never stopping work. I am driven by it. My passion for music roots from my inner core. Playing and creating techno allows me to express my darkest and toughest emotions. With it, I am a very calm and complete person. Music is an art that allows human beings to express their feelings through their creations.

I believe that it is very important to have a base in music — for me, this is in classical form. It allows a person to touch inner sensations. The more you can get close to and understand the music’s core, the better you can see the directions that music can flow.

Techno needs to be oiled and taken care of, then you can enjoy its power. Producing allows me to convey my feelings. I find the more I tune the techno machine, the more I get out of it. It has become a part of me and its power continues to grow and enrich my life.

Deejaying is another way of expressing the art of techno. Through it, I experience the freedom of total control and become whole with the audience. I like to put out a forceful attitude and love the moment when everyone catches the feeling of whatever music is playing.

Socrates can still kickstart my day: ‘I know that I know nothing. And the more I know, the more I understand that I know nothing’.

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