the sight below – composition_disorder 001 (shadows fall)

We are excited to announce Chapter’s new music series, COMPOSITION_DISORDER. Chapter’s COMPOSITION_DISORDER is a new extension of the brand’s voice and perspective. We’ve teamed up with Rayna deNiord of San Francisco’s artist platform, Modyfier to launch this exciting project. Based upon the blending of disciplines of similar mind and direction coming together as an inspiration of sorts, COMPOSITION_DISORDER, features the artist’s own uniquely conjured interpretations of dark, distorted but emotionally powerful ambient sound. By creating irregularity in compositional spaces the perspective of scale and the listener’s place is shifted.

The first of the music series, Shadows Fall, is provided by The Sight Below, an alias of Rafael Anton Irisarri. He is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, curator, producer and interdisciplinary artist based out of Seattle. The music of The Sight Below conjures half-remembered dreams and soft-focus sentiments with elegiac beauty; his compositions are emotionally spacious and mesmerizing ambient soundscapes intertwined with subtle pulsations. As a producer, he’s had remixes commissioned by The Naked And Famous, School of Seven Bells, and Pantha Du Prince. His original recorded works are widely published in over a dozen labels scattered across the globe, most notably Ghostly International (USA), Morr Music (DE), Touch (UK), and Room40 (AU). His latest album, “Yearling” (as ORCAS), will be out on Morr Music this April 4th.

Shadows Fall was inspired by Chapter’s own take on the potency of minimalism. Interweaving layers of melancholic guitars and raw bass tones to ritualistic percussions, it focuses on the power of early industrial and post-punk aesthetics, amplifying and echoing Chapter’s own design inspiration.

Click here to listen to the original track for the first recording in this series and learn more about this new music series from Chapter.

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