lapien – process part 367


Distant Drums

My first experiences with playing electronic music outside of my bedroom (in front of a crowd) were with my band, Distant Drummers. We were playing live sets that were based on improvisation in which we used no sequencers – all the stems were played live.

At this moment, all the band members (including myself) are focused on solo productions, but the heritage of this time of live playing is present in our solo work: using real instruments in combination with machine based sounds, human timing, improvisation and an analog and raw aesthetic are central themes.

These elements merge in this podcast, including several unreleased tracks of the band members (Archaic Space, The D) and myself (Lapien, Metropolis) in combination with tracks by more established artists that follow a similar aesthetic.

01. Dj Qu – The Way (feat. Peven Everett & Josh Milan)
02. October – Invisible Serene Space
03. Lapien – Call for Equality
04. The D – !!?!!
05. Lapien – New York
06. Archaic Space – Closer
07. Fred P – Project 05
08. Patrice Scott – Motions (beats)
09. Mike Edge – Walking ALone
10 Juniper – They Came to Find Us
11. Lapien – Tainted
12. CRC – The Nymph
13. Metropolis – Void

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