jean pierre enfant – process part 365


Music for Love, Trust, Fear and Aanxiety

The mix took me awhile before I got it finished. I wanted it to make total sense in a way that it accurately reflects my creative process of both dj’ing and producing music. For me, emotions play a major role in the process. In the music I make I mostly always express my feelings. Therefore, it’s not only a reflection of emotions and feelings, but also a reflection of the self. When going through a creative process, I encounter different phases and stages, which each have their own set of emotions. The onset of the process is full of curiosity – you don’t know yet where a project is really going and what will be the outcome. You have some ideas about the outcome, but most of the time, it ends up being something totally different than expected.

As the process evolves, choices have to be made. Then (and this is the most interesting part), there is almost always a crisis. Where do I really want to take this track? A crucial decision has to be made. Not an easy task – and this decision is always accompanieed by a slightly depressing feeling. But as crisis really means turningpoint, it turns out that this motivates me to get the best out of it as I work my way through it and cope with the feeling – looking for answers about how to finish the project. This is when the magic really happens.

In this mix, I tried to include these phases, as well as different emotions, with layering records that I feel strongly represent this. The first part consists a selection of ambient and noise orientated music. The second part is a dj-mix I did with strictly vinyl.

01. Alva Noto & Ryuchi Sakamoto – By The River (Phantom)
02. Hexagon – Envolvement
03. O (Mika Viaino) – Koituva
04. Plastikman – DRP
05. Carlo Zanelli – Trii
06. Hive Mind – Elemental Disgrace
07. Shostakovich: Symphony #8 In C Minor, Op. 65 – Allegro Non Troppo (Performed by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
08. Sandwell District – Intro
09. Francesco Baudazzi & Dino Sabatini – Anello
10. Hardrock Striker – Motorik Life (DJ Sprinkles’ Mountain of Despair Remix)
11. Mirko Loko – Tahktok (Villalobos Hilery’s Chant Remix)
12. Lux – Debris
13. Shifted – Cold Light Sektor A
14. Stenny – Trilite (Paul Du Lac Rhythm Remix)
15. Zenker Brothers – Knighthof
16. Rrose – The Surgeon General (No Child Left Behind)
17. Population One AKA Terrence Dixon – Transition
18. The Martian – Firekeeper
19. Clementine – Cryptic Symphony (First Sight)
20. Omar S – Deep Valve Cover
21. Mike Parker – Ringing Bass
22. Jeff Mills – Sugar is Sweeter

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