springintgut – process part 364


Kyoto Pebbles

Here is a new, not yet released, Springintgut track I would like to share. The invitation to participate in the Process Series on Modyfier is beautiful. A long and concisely formulated message asks me about my ways to experience and produce. I think I have two things to say to that. First, there’s a paradox in my creating. I love to listen to repetitive music. But when I produce music, I set structures as complex as anything else. Reduction can be seen as a kind of violence to how the sounds organically work themselves, to the world of systems that are not linear. Every repetition means a change, that’s a basic, deep-felt everyday experience. I say this to explain why the music I make demands a certain attention from the listener: it’s always vivid and full of details. When I was younger I sometimes attempted to adapt to more minimal styles, but that’s over.

Second thing, and this has a link to the above. I believe that our bodies is what we need to make music. I don’t want to work on sounds with my index finger on a click pad. That’s why I’ve developed the “Fello” System at STEIM in Amsterdam in the past years. Its a sensor-extended cello in which the bow gestures process the amplified cello sound. You can hear that in the track. I’ve found a way of playing complex sounds and structures with a live gesture, and for “Kyoto Pebbles”, I’ve recorded endless sessions over a new track to then cut out the best parts. I think that there are countless new instruments or interfaces for electronic artists to be discovered now or in the future and that this kind of body knowledge will find its way into the creations we make.

The pebbles in the temple gardens in Kyoto are impressive. I use the title to borrow their metaphor for a hybrid between the cultured, organized attempts to structure and the raw and rough qualities of the material.

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