alex blackstock – process part 362


As a DJ, distinct from a producer, I’ve found my greatest joy not in constructing but in contextualizing music. Some of the greatest sounds in the world are shrouded from discovery and enjoyment by cultural biases about how “it ought to sound” – a notion that has made me all the more passionate about being the voice for these sounds, and playing them such that their excellence is obvious, and elevated.

I am particularly attracted to the sounds of minimal and micro production for the same reason a child loves beach combing. The closer you look at the seemingly homogeneous expanse of sand, the more tiny treasures you see emerge. True jewels – little shells with immaculate symmetry and glass beads you can arrange to tell a story. Barefoot, wide eyed, suffused with salty sea froth and salty sea air, and leaving no stone on the whole beach unturned. It is this process I’ve decided to convey.

01. Nacho Monetto – Stumpf [Musickollektiv, 2013]
02. Pier Bucci – Canto Libre [Maruca, 2010]
03. Gorje Hewek, Izhevski – Morning Bells [Highway 420, 2013]
04. PRT Stacho, Underset – Express Clock (Klartraum Cinematic Remix) [Lucidflow, 2013]
05. Atthe – Ishu (Stathis Lazarides & Archie Hamilton Remix) [Body Parts, 2013]
06. Bodeler, Brundub – Encore Une Fois [Kalimari, 2013]
07. Robag Wruhme – Brumby Kapell [Musik Krause, 2012]
08. Oscar Rocha – Govinda Says (Doubtingthomas Douche Remix) [Metroline Limited, 2013]
09. Marco Madia – Monsonia [Dewtone, 2012]
10. Sven Laux – Grass-Covered Plain [Dewtone, 2013]
11. Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (Robag’s Habay Latoff NB) [R&S, 2013]

One comment on “alex blackstock – process part 362”

  1. amazing… had to put the headphones on for this one. mind expanded.

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