patrick raddatz – process part 359



Not exactly the Greek one, rather the French nouvelle vague listening version of it. The title bears witness of a yearning, a longing for an artefact onto which you project something spiritual, but, alas, it’s just too expensive. Ever wanted something (not someone) so badly, it makes you uncomfortable, even dizzy at times, because you fight the notion of actually going for it? So much so, your mundane actions fall below your line of interest? So you spend your day like a juggernaut, humming out of tune, driving down to somewhere not too bright, hunting down that object of desire in your daydreams – and this is that soundtrack, at least for a little more than an hour and a half.

When I started out DJing in the mid-nineties, I always used to rehearse my newest mixes while driving out and about in my car, the only place I had access to where it sounded ‘just right’ and no neighbors would step up, nick the fuses in order to stop that raving (sic) mad guy next to them. Or knock frantically on the door, depending on the hour of the day. This mix is kinda the other way round, a road trip to be listened to; choose any old vehicle of your liking, but never mind the quirks.

This isn’t a digital Ableton Live mix, there’s some audible pushing and braking here and there where the pitch range just didn’t suffice, one or two blends turned out a bit too long but there’s no way you’d catch that mood in another attempt of a technically spot on mix. Over the years, I reckon my best mixes were made the day after, having had slightly too much of what people do when going out for a night full of tunes. Reflections of these impressions (be them good or bad) steadily guide you through the mix, making sure you’re not leaving without a proper and long selection put through that gear of yours. Speaking of which, gear doesn’t make a good mix, it’s your attitude. All else is just music.

01. Boards of Canada – Telepath
02. Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald – Electric Garden (Original Mix)
03. Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald – Footprints
04. Martin Buttrich – Stoned Autopilot
05. Baby Ford/Zip – Windowshopping
06. Martin Buttrich – Programmer
07. Baby Ford and The Ifach Collective – Carpet
08. Baby Ford – Monolense
09. Minimal Man – Chicken Store (1999)
10. Minimal Man – Chicken Store (2004)
11. Sven Väth – Strahlemann und Söhne (Soul Capsule’s Radiant Sunpeople Mix)
12. Melchior Productions Ltd. – Swingers
13. Portable – A Deeper Love (Soul Capsule’s Ghetto Mix)
14. Frost – WHTHNY
15. Lighter Thief – Supasense
16. Levon Vincent – Man or Mistress
17. Romanthony – Trust (Ghost Mix)
18. The Martinez Brothers – Issshhh! (Beats)
19. Vulva – Science Bag
20. Kenny Larkin – Life Goes On
21. Boards of Canada – Cold Earth
22. Boards of Canada – Sundown

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