uden – process part 351


My Prison

Another night is coming and these four walls seem to shrink more and more. I’m going to sleep late again because thoughts multiply and my head seems to explode.

To cure this malaise I listen to music. Not any kind of music. Almost 90% of the time I’m listening to the same track for hours. I look crazy. It’s almost a primordial need to look for the more “hidden” music, that music which no one would tell you to listen to because it’s too personal. Only the people who are closest know what is the best medicine – which track to play. It’s hard to express with words the feelings I get from music. It’s a similar effort when I try to send away bad thoughts from behind these four walls.

This mix represents the anger of someone who is innocent but forced to remain behind bars – where the only key that opens the gate is music.

01. Hecrom – M33
02. Dubit, Scalameriya – Prowl
03. Dubit – Ice
04. Scalameriya – Alternate Observer (Reeko rmx)
05. Ken Karter – Synaptic X5
06. Alhek – No duty
07. MTD – Perfect Place
08. Para w/Dadub – Index
09. Dubit & Alhek – Wrath
10. xxx – xxx
11. xxx – xxx
12. David Meiser – Pursuing My Way (Kwartz rmx)
13. xxx – xxx
14. NX1 – 05 014
15. NX1 – MS1
16. Christian E – Technopolis
17. Code 0066 – Fog (Outro)

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