stephen quirke – process part 347


Firstly, it’s a real honor to be asked to contribute to the Modyfier series again. I was lucky enough to be in the first 100 guests and watching and listening to the series over the years, I’ve been increasingly more proud to be involved as the years go by. This series is a unique insight into the mechanics of artists that are invited to participate. The project should be put in a time capsule for future generations. It’s an inspiration and I’m delighted to add my name again to the roster of people that I genuinely admire.

My first Modyfier mix is one I still get asked about. I made it five years ago and just like I did then, I loved going through my record collection for this mix and picking out gems that mean something to me and me alone. This is the most personal mix I’ve done in a while. One thing I’ve always been known for is playing music for the way I feel at the moment. That doesn’t always translate well in a club setting, seeing as I’m such a moody fucker but it is nice when it comes off. I sat on the invitation for a couple of months until I had the right headspace to contribute in the manner I thought fitting. Since the last mix, five years ago, I’ve tried my hand at editing and creating tunes using Ableton etc. If anything all it did was kill my hunger for the music I have loved all my adult life. The process of creating music on a laptop or computer is, to me, as redundant as painting on an iPad. Where is the love? I sound like such a grumpy old man but mostly, nowadays, a large percentage of music doesn’t have the soul that I require to enjoy it.

I have followed the labels and artists that speak to me, that do have the soul, the love and the same understanding and outlook that I do. You’ll find that most, if not all, the tracks on this mix (and every mix I try to put together) have something to say, a vibe that sets it apart from the preceding or subsequent tune while keeping the overall impact relative. If you look back at my track lists over the years, it’s safe to say that even though there is a little variation, there is a similar vein and a homogenous sound. I haven’t been swayed too much by the popular charts or fads. Dubstep passed me by completely!

In the most recent years, my life has gone through more change than most would see in a lifetime. Music has slipped down the pecking order behind children, a new career, and a wonderful wife. As a consequence of this and the atrocious / pretentious scene where I live and partly because the general trends of the music I adore, I have lost all passion for playing out live. I just don’t have the energy to pretend and to promote myself like a realtor. I’d love for that to change and to play again but I don’t see it happening. My last heartfelt gig was in Russia where the hunger and passion for the music was actually visible. The energy, enthusiasm and love were a reminder of everything that isn’t present in the scene here. I made friends through the music even though I couldn’t speak the language. Music is important to me. It has always been important to me, but in the future it will remain the stress reliever it has always been. Just with baby screams instead of crowd screams.

My radio show has been running on Proton since 2007. Guests on the Eclectro show have included Ewan Pearson, Efdemin, Crowdpleaser, Roland Appel and Will Saul.

Modyfier#2 was recorded in Oregon at Portland State University’s KPSU radio station using old, worn, limited edition vinyl, CDJs, MP3s and love.

01. Strange Affair Quirky Intro
02. Fila Brazillia – Subtle Body
03. BlackIsBeautiful – Pergamon
04. Martin Denny – Singing Bamboos
05. Velimir – Radio Of The Future
06. Nicolas Jaar – Come N Get It
07. James Bong – Hang Zen
08. Nu – Man O To
09. Daniel Bortz – By Ya Side
10. Zwicker – Dragonfly
11. Steve Reich – Nagoya Marimba (edit)
12. James Mason – Nightgruv (Unreleased Mix)
13. Projections & Woolfy – Set Me Loose (The Drifter Mix)
14. Projections & Woolfy – Set Me Loose (El_Txef_A Mix)
15. Larse – Karoo
16. Isolee – Allowance
17. Neotnas – Atlantika
18. Ry Cuming & Ame – Howling
19. Apparat – 44

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