baldo – process part 344


I have followed Modyfier for a long time, especially as many friends have also contributed. So, when Rayna contacted me, I was really happy to participate in the Process Series. I told her I wanted to do something special – not just a simple Dj mix – but something more personal and different.

After many days of thinking about it, I had some ideas, but nothing clear in mind. Some weeks later, I travelled to visit my mother. When I got to her house, I found piles of my old records and CD’s. While searching for some to bring to Barcelona, I found this set on a CD and thought it was the perfect concept I was looking for.

This is my first Dj mix ever recorded!

I did it at a friend’s house as I didn’t yet have turntables at the time. It was the year 2000 and things were different from how they are today, especially with electronic music.

There is something that most people don’t know about southern Spain (where I come from). In the late 90’s, there was a surprisingly big breakbeat music scene. There were a lot of clubs in smaller towns and it suddenly became popular amongst my friends to DJ. So we started buying vinyl and DJing at our homes, making parties for friends, and I began to introduce myself to the electronic music scene. Gradually, I started learning about producing music, releasing on labels, getting into House music and other styles.

About the tracklist, I can say most are from UK labels like TCR, Botchit Breaks, Distinctive Breaks and producers like Rennie Pilgrem, Koma & Bones or Plump Dj’s, my favorites at that time.

I’m sure many people who know me as a House music producer will be surprised, but after listening to this set, perhaps you’ll know me better and understand my productions a little bit more.

Also I have to apologize about the mixing, there are lots of mistakes. Please understand that I was just starting out and only 17 years old!

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