escape art – process part 342


“And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually”

Working with electronic music is like sculpting with sand, where a digital sea constantly forms, samples, and reforms works in a selfless, oxidizing rust. I was happy to be able to make this mix in London and Berlin in February 2013, and experience firstly the sea of modern hybrid forms loosely gathered around a snare or kick.

Analogue camps drew lines with gigs and white labels – digital broke those barriers and then took the derivative. A beautiful, moral, and organic vastness of countless sound, forever regrowing, degrading, regenerating, refracting – like the milky way or a nautilus shell. I think it makes electronic music a pure art form – one most closely resembling nature in it’s aesthetics and movements. And to dive and swim in that deep end…it’s pure love.

01. Dro Carey “Much Coke” (Cedaa Remix) (Templar Sound)
02. Urban Tribe “Defraction Pattern” (Trust)
03. Symbiotic Sounds “You Know What It Is” (Sequel One Records)
04. Ital Tek “Hyper Real” (Deft Remix) (Civil Music)
05. Fred P “Where I Want to Be” (Soul People Music)
06. Jacob’s Optical Stairway “The Fusion Formula (the Metamorphosis) feat. Juan Atkins” (Reinforced Records)
07. Machine Drum “U Know the Deal 4 Real” (Planet Mu)
08. Symbiotic Sounds “Feeling” (Sequel One Records)
09. Reso “Coronium” (Doshy Remix) (Civil Music)
10. DJ Footmerc “We In Da Mood” (Self Released/ Creative Commons)
11. Slava “I’ve Got Feelings Too” (Software Recording Co.)
12. Douglas Pagan “Malcolm X Park” (Aybee’s Dream Pass) (Voltage Music)
13. Junglord “Mythical Juke (Sun Ra)” (Unreleased)
14. Galus & DJ Krug “Remember Days” (Symbiotic Sounds Remix) (Solar Energy Music)
15. DJ Manny “EBM” (Ghettophiles)
16. DJ Earl “Valentra” (Ghettophiles)
17. Falty DL “Stay I’m Changed” (Ninja Tune)
18. Mini “Walking” (Jauzas the Shining Remix) (Space Factory)

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