john connell – process part 339


I don’t want to really explain the mix to the listener this time. I hope that if it resonates, people will understand. Essentially, it is about passing into dream-state, experiencing the laws of that space, encountering something that needs to be faced, and returning.

The process:
The whole mix is comprised of loops, parts and some basic re-edits – in 5 parts – which I’ve titled:

1.) THRESHOLD 0:00-5:52
Admx-71 – Future Expansion
RQ – Greater Geometry
Ryoji Ikeda – Luxus 1-3
Rainforest Spiritual Alliance – Homes Built Over the Sea
ASC & Sam Kdc – Vapour Lock
Object – Symbolic
Sigha – Aokigahara
Lunatik Soundsystem – November Sky

2.) FREEFALL 06:52-09:00
Object – Symbolic
Bee Mask – The Story of Keys & Locks
Lee Gamble – Emu
Emptyset – Tangent
Yves De Mey – Combining Forms
Emptyset – Departure

3.) NORTH COAST 09:00-19:50
Emptyset – Tangent
Pillowtalk – Twink Peaks
Echochord – Wind Farm
Deadbeat – Plateau Quarter
Emptyset – Departure
Samuel Kerridge – Auditory System
Conforce – Timelapse

4.) TRACES 19:50-23:57
Haxan Cloak – Hounfour (Temple)
Powell – Search
Mindspan – Dying Embers
Emptyset – Tangent
Billow Observatory – Helsinki Radio

5.) LONG TAIL 23:57-27:48
Steve Hauschildt – Arche
Mind Over Midi – Connector
Sample: Aldous Huxley, source unknown
Haxan Cloak – Hounfour (Temple)
Ultravisitor: First Lesson

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