john daly – process part 338


Recorded 20-September to 2-October, 2010. Salthill, Galway.

1. Set limitations: force creative ways to overcome them.
2. Avoid overworking anything: preserve the moment at all costs.
3. Forget genres: just jam.

Equipment List:

Akai MPC2000XL.
Dave Smith Instruments Tetra.
Lexicon MX200 fx.
Revox B77 MKII. Edited on Ableton Live.
Occasional use of Ableton fx in the editing stage, only when necessary to blend.

Being stuck with something forces you to think creatively about it in order to get it to do what you want. This is a good thing.

About the process: First I chose the equipment, a deliberate small selection. I put a selection of drum hits and bass sounds onto the MPC, and used that same program for all the tracks to achieve a consistent sound. The Tetra was sequenced with the MPC, with the Lexicon for fx on the Tetra. No computer was used until the editing process.

I only had 6-7 minutes of tape on the revox, so I limited each track to one jam live down to tape, then recorded that onto the computer for later editing in Ableton, freeing up the tape for the next one: compose, record, move on, repeat. The tracks are deliberately quite short, part catering to the modern attention span and part because to make them longer could potentially mean having to add unnecessary new parts. Some of these tracks might be shit, but that’s not the point. Whatever they are, they are themselves.

2 comments on “john daly – process part 338”

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