lukas petraitis – process part 337


Every person has a unique and distinctive perception of aesthetics. Each of us interpret sound, irrespective of its origin, no matter if it is the rumbling of a train or the chirping of a bird. This rule is valid for a philosophical side of sound as well.

Related to the word ‘future’, we all have sonic constructs floating in our minds. They bring possibilities to the modern urban condition through prospective music and visions. There is frequent reasoning about what this future will be like: what is going to change, what will remain the same. Most often, we simply forget all that surrounds us today. We forget that we live in an age of bionics, internet, robotics and cosmic achievements, tending to disregard these facts.

Every feeling we could consider – love, anger, happiness, fear – every one can be conveyed through modern technologies and I think it‘s just wonderful.

I feel joyful having the possibility to introduce you to a musical interpretation of my vision for the future. I hope it will awake not only sonic, but also philosophical pleasures to the listener as well.


01. Sabre – Boundary pt 1 (Afterthought)
02. Pan American – Quary B
03. Bellows – 05
04. Sutekh – All Men Must Die (for Glenn Gould)
05. A.S. – AS1
06. Emptyset – Over
07. Esteban Anavitarte – Otom-A
08. Elin – Undercurrents
09. Dotkraz – 04
10. Vatican Shadow – India Has Just Tested A Nuclear Device
11. Ryoji Ikeda – Spectrum
12. Steinbruchel – D
13. Yannis Kyriakides – Terra Incognita
14. Fabrice planquette – 01
15. Scott Cortez – Twin Radian Flux Part IX
16. Vatican Shadow – Nightforce Scopes
17. Accelera Deck – 7

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