gabriele mancino – process part 335


Fear and excitement: two feelings that are always linked to change. I’m starting this new year, 2013, experiencing these sensations strongly – in a new city, a new life. It’s also with the loss of a dear person, the most important in my life. In my Modyfier set, you can perceive a shift from a stalemate to movement, much more hard and fast. Music is always a way for me to express the changes I’m going through.

01. Butch – Smooth Like Silk (Cecille )
02. Lula Circus & Nikko Gibler – Promises Forsaken (Your Mama’s Friend)
03. Bjorne Wilke – Twentyfive (Kaato music)
04. Manuel De Lorenzi – Stand Up (Kina Music)
05. &ME – Ashes (Saved)
06. Marco Faraone – Orange Again (Moon Harbour)
07. Various grooves – Luca M, Just2 (Thirty5 Record)
08. Arado – New Life (Moon Harbour)
09. Tomas More – The Invisible Thread_Chloe’ Straight Mix (Ktdj Deadline04)
10. Inxec vs Droog LA – Unhinged (Crosstown Rebels)
11. Alli Borem – The Hook (Be As One Imprint)
12. Freaks – Black Shoes White Socks_Waff Rmx (Hot Creations)
13. Plastikman – Ethnic_Ultrasone Dance Under the Sun Edit (Bootleg)
14. Italoboyz – Portucais (Accappella)
15. App – All I Can Think About_Marco Resmann’s This Song Edit (Watergate Rec.)

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