juju & jordash – process part 327


Unedited Ambient Jam

This live-in-studio recording is a direct artifact of our studio process. No filters, no camouflage and no editing. Our only preparatory and intellectual contribution to this was the decision about which of our studio synthesizers and effect units we should connect to our limited 16 channel mixer. The rest of the effort was an attempt to avoid any other conscious restrictions after we pressed ‘record’.

This is the same process we applied for the recording of the bulk of the material for our latest LP ‘Techno Primitivism‘. The less conscious, intellectual intervention in our composition process, lesser the chances for a lack of authenticity.

In a nutshell, we jammed.

Instruments used: Yamaha CS-30, Korg Polysix, Yamaha DX7, Roland SH-101, Fender Strat

2 comments on “juju & jordash – process part 327”

  1. Congratulation to J&J for first entry to the Modyfier project, Process series!

    This is a typical set which characterize by this series. We love Modyfier.

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