radere – process part 326


Live at Liminal Space 16-June 2012

This performance was captured live at Liminal Space in Oakland, CA earlier this summer, as I was kicking off a handful of dates with Andrew Weathers, who operates Full Spectrum Records, one of the labels I record for.

I have always found live performance to be an ideal avenue for sharing my work with others; increasingly so, in fact, as my sound has moved away from the quieter end of the “ambient” continuum and towards more maximalist aesthetics. This particular recording showcases my live set as it existed during the first half of 2012, pairing elements of my last full-length album for Futuresequence – I’ll Make You Quiet – with a new long-form composition entitled “A Creative Displacement of Ashes,” which will see release via Holyoak! Resounding later this year. It is important to note that this set was conceived in the wake of my abandonment of the laptop for signal processing, trading out the digital inputs and outputs of my Macbook Pro for a more raw approach that places emphasis solely on my guitar and an evolving system of effects pedals.

For me, live performance is a chance to refine new ideas and immediately feel their impact on the material. To this end, playing in front of an audience is an excellent counterpoint to my studio process, which relies on improvisation and chance to succeed. The concepts and nascent compositions that arise from my time holed up in the studio are brought out onto the stage for deconstruction, refinement and extension, an evolutionary cycle that helps me understand what my (decidedly abstract) drones and soundscapes are hinting at in their emotional core and provides a unique opportunity for me to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

Almost all of my full-length releases have started out as live sets at one point or another, while others are comprised of the best moments of performance regimes that have been culled, edited and distilled into singular compositions. Regardless of which path it takes, live performance is essential to the creative process that defines the Radere project, serving as a crudely marked path into my own sound world, rife with artistic discovery.


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