fader – process part 320


I have a confession to make, and I sincerely wonder if there are other DJ’s out there struggeling with this. Not so long after I started mixing – in 1997 – I’ve had this “masterplan” in the back of my head: to make one long mix of all the records that I own. Not just that, it would need to build up from ambient and dub over minimal and deep house, to end with pounding techno and a final of weirdo “afterhour” mindfuck records. So-to-say, the one mix to end all mixes. And I have the feeling I will not be able to “rest” before I do this. As an extra challenge, the longer I wait, the more records get added to the collection, every week. Records that will need to be added somewhere in between two other records, with the risk of not fitting 100%, and having to rethink a part of the process again. A life work.

In the meantime, I don’t even dare to calculate anymore how many days I would need to stay awake to realize this, so I try to content myself with making a mix every now and then, including all the new records that I bought since the last mix I made. Until last year, I used to do monthly mixes for our national radio station. But since the beginning of 2012 I haven’t made any mixes, which has left me with around 7 hours of newly bought “unmixed” stuff (I’m counting one track per EP here). You know how that goes, at a certain moment a “to do” becomes so huge, that you don’t even want to start working on it anymore.

So, when Rayna contacted me to ask for a second* Fader Modyfier mix, I made her wait very long, because I wanted to finally give it a go, this “life work” – or at least a part of it. I mixed for almost 7 hours straight – shout out to my girlfriend here, for making me a sandwich somewhere halfway into it – but I failed. After listening to it, I had to conclude it wasn’t “the mix to end all mixes”. I cut out this 80′ part that I did feel happy about, which is now my second Modyfier mix. I hope you like it too.

*Fader’s first Modyfier contribution – Process Part 196 – can be found HERE

01. Koi – Deaf Torero
02. Leftover – Desolate Plains
03. Conforce – Vacuüm
04. Parallel 9 – Magnetic Reversal
05. Lawrence – Oolong High
06. Carsten Jost – Chateau Jalousie
07. Audision – Yellow Sunset (Robag Wruhme Edit)
08. Efdemin – Nighttrain (Fred P Reshape)
09. Moomin – Sleep Tight
10. RVDS – Moon Oddity
11. Function – Inter
12. A5 – Four Cuts EP A1
13. Ryo Murakami – Late Fall
14. Joe Drive – Nephti
15. Walt J – Ascender A1

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