onetake & steffen bennemann – process part 319



This mix evolved from our increasing interest in Krautrock & Sc-Fi Elektronika and, in large part, propelled by the latest releases of Kuedo, Africa Hitech, a Düsseldorf based label Magazine. We like to work with tracks that sneaked into our collections several years ago, like the vocoder melodies of Darkstar on Hyperdub or the excessive synth adventures on Border Community records or even movies from our childhood (e.g. the Vangelis soundtrack for “Blade Runner”). You might call it a thematically defined hodgepodge of tracks we love and consider as important influences, tracks that excite us or simply are fun to listen to.

Both of us are frequently fishing at the edge of musical forms in order to bridge borders and establish an historical relationship in a time where rough edges seem to vanish more and more, while transitions appear to become smoother and smoother.

Krautrock’s repetitive psychedelic trips formed the path for Kraftwerk (and through this, for techno and the many forms of electronic dance music we have today) and, at the same time, present the first serious and independent music in post-war Germany of the 60s and 70s. Not being able to identify with their own country’s (musical) history, early Krautrockers could not rely on any local influences. Neither did they want to reproduce sounds from overseas. So for bands like Can, Cluster, Tangerine Dream etc. there was nothing else left than to look up into the sky, or even into space, and push their art into this specific direction: Upwards. Developed as an ageless journey of and into sounds, most music from this period still hasn’t lost its sense of futurism.

Maybe it’s simply their experimentation with musical forms and structures that keeps us referencing these influences. Today we find parallels and further mutations of it in the music of Shackleton or Burnt Friedman as well as in African music that jams with only slightly changing loops in order to create new spaces.

The mix contains several current tracks and is therefore not supposed to fully pay tribute to all these developments described. If anything, it can be regarded as a mere assemblage of artists that either strongly relate to that time or simply make music we like.

Enjoy the mix!

01. Intro
02. Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes
03. Kuedo – Ant City
04. Death In Vegas – Zugaga
05. Larry Heard – 25 Years From Alpha
06. Karl Reger & Odo Warth – Allein im All
07. Death In Vegas – Candy McKenzie
08. Gary Schneider – My Green Tambourine
09. The Computer Sings
10. James Pants – My Tree
11. Klaus Schulze / Rainer Bloss – Drive Out
12. Zombie Zombie – Psychic Harmonia
13. Grauzone – Film 2
14. Jonas Reinhardt – The Tactile Dome
15. Jean-Michel Jarre – Arpegiator
16. Africa Hitech – Our Luv
17. P. Éladan – Monochordium I
18. Burnt Friedman – Zen´Aku
19. The Durian Brothers – Haisai
20. Sven Kacirek – Kayamba Tuc Tuc (Lawrence Edit)

One comment on “onetake & steffen bennemann – process part 319”

  1. like he selection.. actually these are my roots of the musical education in the early 80′ ies.. allthough i was growing up in poland (or: maybe because of this fact) i became more and more interested about kraut(rock) and analogue elctronica of the two decades from the late 60’ies to the late 80′ ies..
    i’ve just created a group named “kraut” on – feel free to post your mixes music & thoughs ‘ bout this topic…

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