subforms – process part 317



For this mix, I used material that is very close to my soul. The artists whose tracks are included have proven their talent time and time again and continue to inspire me, filling my life with all the colors imaginable in a musical spectrum. In this limited piece of time, I tried to tell a story that has a logical beginning, a dynamic storyline, moments of relief, and a conclusion that leaves you wondering if that’s really the end of the story. It is a soundtrack for one hour in the of life – expressing emotions and changes of moods – all of which inevitably happen.

01. Sendai – Win Trepsit Brief Delay
02. Biosphere – When I Leave
03. Deepbass – Process (Cio D’or Mountain Remix)
04. Demdike Stare – Falling Off The Edge
05. Peverelist & Kowton – Beneath Radar (Peverlist Mix)
06. Shed – The Praetorian
07. Monolake – Mass Transit Railway (feat. Wieland Samolak) Monolake – Void
08. AnD – Sunday 85
09. Skirt – Six Hours
10. Vatican Shadow – Chopper Crash Marines’ Names Relised
11. Alva Noto – Uni Acronym
12. Claudio PRC – Black Hole
13. Jeff Derringer – Passengers (Lori remix)
14. Jeff Pietro – Still
15. Planetay Assault System – Bell Blocker (Silent Servant Remix)
16. Shifted – Colour Of The Fall
17. Sigha – Drown
18. Voices From The Lake – Hgs
19. Biosphere – The Seal & The Hydrophone
20. Albert Van Abbe – NCS_0010050611 [Convextion a.k.a. E.R.P Remodel]
21. Robert Henke – First Contact

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