its own infinite flower – process part 311


More Impressions of These Weaker Ghosts

I believe modern technologies can help us access primitive energies. The vocabulary of the synthesizer has often been used to evoke the idea of the future. It is now evocative for some of a specific past or an idea of the future as imagined from a specific past. I like the idea that its sound can receive as well as generate emotion and energy. The concept of Resonance in physics relates to this idea to some degree, or at least I find it useful to think that it does. In this way the act of creating sound can be seen as a kind of séance or conjuration.

“Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.” Arthur C. Clarke

About a year ago I began making ‘live’ recordings in my studio. Using one synthesizer, an echo pedal, and various looping devices I could record and develop music in ‘real-time’, limiting the composition to what I could feel and create in that moment. It might have started as an exercise in limitations, or a challenge to create ‘Techno’ without its most obvious signifiers (drums, beats). It quickly became much more to me and I have continued to work in this way without significantly altering the process. This piece came out of an experiment with rhythm, repetition, and harmony without using some of the conventional tools of synchronization and resolution. I hope you enjoy it.

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