john connell – process part 310


This is an ‘ambient’ (whatever that really means now) mix that builds towards a new composition comprised of existing track parts. It’s very short in terms of a mix- only 35 minutes- but it is very densely layered with a lot of track elements broken down into loops that are re-edited and re-arranged or simply used as effects, washes or bridges.

My intention was to create something that attracts repeat listens, sat in front of good speakers, or just as a background for reflective focus – work, meditation, yoga, or even commuting. Hopefully new details will emerge every time.

In terms of the tracklisting, there are many track names you will recognize, but I have hopefully used them in such a way that they offer up something fresh.

The mix is really about altered state and dream. For the last three years I have had a daily meditation practice and often do intensive retreats where you inevitably drop/ rise/ shift into a different space, usually through breath work, and this has made me really slow things right down in life. I wanted to communicate the freedom of psychological movement this brings; for me it is a kind of weightlessness in slow motion, or even out of time, observing with absolute clarity as if from a great distance. Such processes are pretty far removed from the way we end up living our lives, to the point where it almost seems like an indulgence to just sit and try and be present, yet every time I do it I feel like I am reconnecting with something lost.

Of course, none of that will probably come across at all to the listener, which is fine. But if the mix contributes something positive to your day, or opens up space to think, it was worth the effort.

01. Excerpt from Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams – The Tunnel
02. Richie Hawtin – 00:05
03. Sendai – Emptiness of Attention
04. Sendai – Win Trepsit
05. Pjusk – Fnugg
06. Emptyset – Other
07. Bretschneider & Steinbruchel – Frequenz
08. Ryoji Ikeda – Test Pattern 0100
09. Caretaker – After the Earth Has Ground Itself Down
10. Ryoji Ikeda – Test Pattern 0001
11. Demdike Stare – Black Sun
12. Tomas Dvorka – The Mezzanine
13. STL – Out Of Order
14. ASC & Sam Kdc – Rebuilt From Nothing
15. Jan a Winderen – Submerged
16. Dolphins Into The Future – Jardim Dos Tufaos
17. Bee Mask – How to Live in a Smashed State
18. Minilogue – Europhonia
19. ASC & Sam Kdc – Skala
20. Emptyset – Divide
21. Aphex Twin – Stone In Focus
22. Robert Turman – Flux 4
23. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Issue Generator (for Eliane Radigue)
24. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Lauderbauer – Reshadub
25. Boards of Canada – A is to B as B is to C
26. Demdike Stare- Nothing But The Night
27. Roll The Dice – Idle Hands
28. Jetone – Fkstrtowr
29. Pjusk – Flint
30. Nest- Koretz’s Meteor
31. Alva Noto – Xerrox Phaser acat 1
32. Biosphere- Joyo
33. Clark – Black Stone
34. Excerpt from Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams – The Tunnel

2 comments on “john connell – process part 310”

  1. jc always in da place to be!

  2. supa cool deepness*********

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