ulf eriksson – process part 309


No Secret

My name is Ulf Eriksson and I run the Swedish label Kontra-Musik. Apart from this, I am also a dj since like forever. In life what mostly inspirers me are people who believe in their ideas, artistic or other, people who are stubborn, who do not give up so easily and dare to move slowly and patiently towards their goals. I usually get very inspired when reading or hearing of people who have done long artistic journeys, people who have followed their heart even if it has not always been the easiest way to go. In this podcast I have tried to catch that feeling of gentle stubbornness by putting together a mix that keeps a slow pace and carefully moves forward without leaving the direction first set out. When recording a podcast I want to transform the focus of the listener, call it a gentle hypnosis if you like. I like the receiver to experience some kind of mood shift or vibe. Take this mix with you on a long summer bike ride and hopefully you will know what I mean. Anyway, this piece of music is a tribute to all stubborn people out there. You are the ones who inspire me to continue to work in this field of music. Thanks!

The mix has been recorded using two Technics 1210 a cd-player and my dear old analogue Vestax pmc-mixer. Before publishing Andreas Tilliander did some small mastering work to spice up the sound a bit. Hope you enjoy it. I am quite happy with the result.

01. Butchstrange – Passing Judgement [Psychostasia Recordings]
02. Dresvn – A2 [Acido Records]
03. Vladislav Delay – Recovery IDea (The Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix [Semantica]
04. Jonsson/Alter – For You [Kontra-Musik] – Unreleased
05. STL – Lost in Brown Eyes [Perlon]
06. Quince – REM [Clone]
07. Wincent Kunth – Promise [MDR]
08. Luke Hess – Unity Excerpt [FXHE]
09. Jonsson/Alter – Acapellan (Donato Dozzy Remix) [Kontra-Musik]
10. Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (Coeurs Edit) [Philomena]
11. Jonsson/Alter – Ljuset [Kontra-Musik] – Unreleased
12. Kassem Mosse – A1 [Workshop]
13. Pinch & Shackleton – Boracay Drift (Morphosis Remix) [Honest Jons Records]

3 comments on “ulf eriksson – process part 309”

  1. Love the pace and the direction. Thanks for this Mix!

  2. No one does it like Ulf. Remember one Kontramusik party in Malmö where Tama Sumo was invited to play. Her set was very nice and all, as per usual, but all I could think about the following weeks was Ulf’s skin tight warm-up set. Really wish he’d get bigger reckognition for his DJ Work, the man keeps a criminally low profile.

  3. […] open mind. Ulf also has several mixes out on respected mixes on curated podcast series’ including Modyfier (2011), mnml ssgs (2011), Smoke Machine (2012) and […]

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