lower order ethics – process part 306


My music collection and me: a tortured, infernal affair. My aim is not to entertain people, but rather to make them feel. The ongoing tendency of history is to submit emotions and oppress even the good temptations against the nature of the self, according to the intentions of others. I protest on principle.

01. Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan
02. Demdike Stare – We Have Already Died
03. Auch – Tomorrow Goodbye (Donnacha Costello Remix)
04. Wicked Messenger – Interlude
05. Regis – Slave to the Inevitable
06. Black Rain – Low Tek Musicm
07. Christian Cosmos – Behold, A Sower Went Out To Sow
08. Contrepoison – No Need To Dream
09. Add N To X – Invasion Of The Polaroid People
10. Solar – Cutting Your Head Off
11. Untold – Luminous
12. BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – Is Your Mother Done?
13. Monolake – Phenomenon
14. Komet – Ghost
15. Carter Tutti Void – V2
16. Female – Via Hate
17. PomPom008 – A1
18. Regis – Aftertaste of Guilt
19. Inigo Kennedy – Five Ways To Move A2
20. Cari Lekebusch – Objective
21. Marco Passarani – Green Cycle
22. Tuxedomoon – What Use (Ectomorph Remix)
23. Tigrics – Slalom

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