aerostat – process part 304


We share our visions, our emotions, our perception of the realm in which we find ourselves encapsulated. Music is our escape, it is our pure language and here we find salvation and liberation from everyday life. We communicate our sonic messages to whomever will listen. We show our visual perception of the things seen by so many individuals, so often without noticing the beauty that lies underneath the immediate surface.

We love to enjoy music: playing, dancing, and allowing ourselves to be engulfed in the sensory loads that emerge from the night. The silence of dawn, enchanting as it is, brings a rising sun. We see and feel the rays through the pouring rain. Now walking, surrounded by this city we see every day, we find it altered in this moment.

This is living.
This is life.
This is Aerostat.

Drone Session: Audio

Monolith Session: Video

One comment on “aerostat – process part 304”

  1. Really enjoying the drone session at 2 am – thanks. Who are you, Aerostat? Is there a tracklist?

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