oliver ho – process part 302


A Sountrack Mixed By OLIVER HO for the book “Story of the Eye” by George Bataille

I cut the rope, but she was quite dead. We laid her out on the carpet. Simone saw I was getting a hard-on and she started tossing me off, I too stretched out on the carpet. It was impossible to do otherwise; Simone was still a virgin, and I fucked her for the first time, next to the corpse. It was very painful for both of us, but we were glad precisely because it was painful. Simone stood up and gazed at the corpse. Marcelle had become a total stranger, and in fact, so had Simone at that moment. I no longer cared at all for either Simone or Marcelle.

I observed Simone, and, as I precisely recall, my only pleasure was in the smutty things Simone was doing, for the corpse was very irritating to her, as though she could not bear the thought that this creature, so similar to her, could not feel her any more. The open eyes were more irritating than anything else. Even when Simone drenched the face, those eyes, extraordinarily, did not close. We were perfectly calm, all three of us, and that was the most hopeless part of it.

01. Number Station No.1
02. Final – Raudive
03. Bitslutch 3 – Shitcluster
04. Morse – Zov Zov
05. Interface PD – Rybn
06. Den Haag 04 – Shitcluster
07. Twigs – Crime Scene
08. Kokomo – Black Dice
09. Station HS – Baz Reznik
10. Cabin – Zov Zov
11. Den Haag 04 – Shitcluster
12. Roll Up – Black Dice
13. Fields – Zov Zov
14. Hellicopter – Anna Parkina, Barry Johnson
15. Scavenger – Black Dice
16. Okno Okno Okno – Number Station
17. Bitslutch 1 – Shitcluster
18. Spark – Zov Zov
19. Emotional Content – Louise Guillaume

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