martin eyerer – process part 298 (a cherry blossom)


Mostly when I make club music – and I have to separate that – I am sitting in my studio and all I have to do is find that energetic feeling that comes when I play a set in a club, or more generally, for a crowd. Playing records can be so ecstatic and soul-capturing that sometimes I nearly start to hyperventilate, especially when it happens that a set I play really flows for both me and the people.

When I produce, I try to catch that same feeling of flow I find when playing out. There comes a point when I know it is coming. Usually, this is way beyond the start of an arrangement. Actually, I know pretty early on if what I am doing will have this moment inside where it will grab you. The start for a track can be anything, but I find it’s easier to go with a concrete thing like an idea, a sample, a vocal or even a mood. Once I get there, working on it is like I described above.

Non-club music is different because there aren’t the same restrictions as a dancefloor. I gravitate towards club music because it is functional – from one perspective – and can just follow my feeling. Above all, it’s searching for those moments of flow and energy that keep me going, searching for new ways to create this feeling.

martin eyerer – process part 298 (a cherry blossom) by modyfier

Originally released on Blufin as ‘A Cherry Blossom’.

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