etapp kyle – process part 296


“…In a dream there is no reality. Devoted to the setting sun, a numbness let down with lids, approached by feelings – filling the body slowly, the body existing for a moment, being forgotten right away. These feelings are not like senses, it’s inconceivable that senses might fill your being wholly. No colors smoothly, thickly spread. Pictures of real are frightening illusions, but images of dream are a delightful absolute completeness of the moment. Reality does not arise with the sunrise. I open the eyes. There is no reality…” (с) Shup

Music is a mediator between one’s feelings and their perceptions. This mix is not an exception, its atmosphere reproduces the essence of my emotions, feelings and experiences perfectly.

The idea of recording a mix composed from non-dance electronic music was born long time ago, but only thanks to Modyfier has it becomes real.

This recording happened in two stages. The first stage was a search for materials. The constituents of music is a very important aspect for me. This is why I spent so much time looking for tracks. The second stage is the recording process itself. I always prefer live recordings, so my set-up consists of two Traktor Kontrol X1 controllers, a four channel mixer and Traktor Pro application with four decks, which makes it possible to use loops throughout the whole recording, and do the mixing more gradually and lengthy.

The kindest words to Rayna for the fantastic opportunity to show my worth in this area of electronic music!

etapp kyle – process part 296 by modyfier

01. Reverse Projection – Mist – Inside Netlabel
02. Chris Watson – El Divisadero – Touch
03. Claro Intelecto – Beautiful Death – Modern Love
04. Andy Stott – Merciless – Modern love
05. The Exaltics – It Takes Place (Original Mix) – Creme Organization
06. Xhin – This Is What You Drew While You Were Half Asleep – Stroboscopic Artefacts
07. Object – 113 (Original Mix) – Time To Express
08. Robert Lippok – Daylightastronomy – Raster-Noton
09. Mekas & Pablo Denegri – Nebulosa (Marco Zenker Remix) – Igloo-Rec
10. Etapp Kyle – ISG (Original Mix) – Sleep Is Commercial LTD
11. Erstlaub – The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep (Original Mix) – Broken20
12. Shifted – Image-Channel – Our Circula Sound
13. Etapp Kyle – Void (Tool) – Unrelease
14. Hubble – Love & Revolution (Reverse Utopia album) – Sleep Is Commercial
15. Scribble – Hold Your Peace (Original Mix) – This Ain’t Music
16. Etapp Kyle – Inception (Eсho Mix) – Indeks Music

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