hakim murphy – process part 291 (machining dreams)


My fundamental creative process comes simply from my experiences and education, however diving deeper into the process, I have come to know that I received my talents from my ancestors and beings from other dimensions (which are your inner-selves) as well. My rhythms and tones come from taste and the vision I have set out to accomplish when making a tune. This taste, or should I say feeling, comes from deep within the infinite realms of the cosmos and I feel lucky that I am able to materialize creations from an alternate dimension.

Inspiration also strikes me at the most random times, usually when working on any art project. I am also compelled to make tunes because it serves as my self-therapy. This self-therapy gives me the chance to let out my repressed inner-selves and give them a chance to shine so they can be heard.

Which brings me to this mix. I have put together 14 original sound pieces that I have materialized for the purpose of presenting deep tunes that are suited for dancing and listening. My main musical ideas have been centered around this concept of making interesting tunes for the people who like to dance. I guess I make dj tools in essence, but over the years, these tools have progressed into full-fledge compositions using a creative ideology that I call deconstruction.

Deconstruction is when less becomes more; for instance I make a tune with just one, two bar loop and manage to express myself using just those means. I came to this philosophy because I realized that I needed to continue to practice my craft and did not like being bogged down trying to make the most amazing masterpiece every time by taking weeks just to arrange a tune. Using this philosophy, I have come to make tunes so much quicker and am now able to rapidly articulate my feelings. I understand that creating good art takes time, but you also need to have reference points within your art timeline to keep it fresh and to see if you are progressing.

Getting into the creative zone is not very difficult for me. I just close my eyes and conceptualize a name or a particular feel I am looking to portray. Usually, what I am feeling is enough inspiration to begin a project, and I am compelled to materialize that feeling through the rhythm and tones.

My day to day routines change because of my experimental nature. I like to change up machines and programs from project to project. I also change mediums as I like to make videos, take pictures, and write prose/poems to express what I am feeling.

I think once you can achieve the un-seen, you should never turn it off. It only benefits you to be able to call up new things as it helps your creativity. This also puts your self on a higher level of satisfaction because that connection is very strong and attracts you to other like minded artists.

Moreover materializing tones from other realms keeps us human as we are special types of creatures who can create something that evokes great pleasure in other human beings. Furthermore, I love life and what better way to contribute to the history of human intellect than to make music. It is interesting making connections through this international language that is just felt and articulated, wave forms are just funny like that. Well, enjoy this hour of music from the depths of my soul and welcome to my world of jack through a deep house medium.

hakim murphy – process part 291 (machining dreams) by modyfier

[00:00] Beeper
[04:32] Hyperspace Gate
[09:12] Openess
[13:10] Flash Mob
[19:08] Bumps
[22:20] Freshness
[26:32] Muffintop Dreams
[32:41] Taste O’ Rainbows
[35:53] Dark Peace
[40:04] Slowdown
[44:23] Mad
[48:23] Friendly Fire
[55:05] Essence Synthesis
[62:10] Wakabadai

4 comments on “hakim murphy – process part 291 (machining dreams)”

  1. big ups man that great!

  2. mighty set Hakim!

  3. Very interesting Hakim! This sure is special. At the moment Im tripping over your NWS Cast too. Skies the limited for you sir!

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