wander – process part 290 (winter is coming)


I started writing this track last October during my stay in Whistler. I was trying to capture the feeling of watching and waiting for the snow to fall so my friends and I could get up into the mountains to snowboard and ski. I was trying to capture the anticipation of looking out the window up into the mountains, watching the snow line creep down from the alpine into the trees. I was watching and waiting as the rains in the valley gradually turned into small showers of snow and then finally into blizzards during November.

You can tell the point in the track when the snow starts by when the chords drop in just before the half way point. I created hazy textures as a backdrop to represent the mist and rain and finally the snowfall. Out in the snow everything sounds a little muffled. The landscape changes dramatically over a few short months and nothing can be seen clearly, just vague shapes under the snow.

Now that I am back home in Scotland and saving to return to Whistler, I have finally found the time to finish the track while I am waiting to get back to the mountains again, where life is so much simpler. You know exactly what you are going to be doing every day: getting your gear on, meeting some friends at the lifts and finding a nice spot to ride, looking for powder stashes and fresh tracks. I miss those times very much. They were an amazing period of my life and I feel a little lost without them and all the good friends I made. I have tried to put as much of that feeling into the track as I could.

For me, making music is about trying to capture the energy and feeling of a particular moment and representing those feelings through texture and tone. And, like with snowboarding, once I get started and into a flow I get lost in the moment and time slips away from me.

When I listen to this track I am back up in the mountains, riding through glades. Snow is falling and I’m lost in the white void.

wander – process part 290 (winter is coming) by modyfier

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