falko brocksieper – process part 288


Techno is “music that sounds like machines” (J. Atkins).

One of the reasons why I enjoy creating this music myself is interacting in the environment between intuitive composing and sequential programming. The two go well together.

A sequence is the path to a machine-like structure. It’s about setting parameters for something to run by itself, to do the job. At a certain level of complexity it’s also about giving control to what is out of your hands – you are not perfectly in charge of what’s going on – and you can actively set the parameters to provide you with that very situation. Math becomes your production partner, it allows you to let loose and get you somewhere you didn’t intend to go.

My track for Modyfier addresses multi-layer sequencing based on a 5-note chord, played over 6 octaves, with just a sinus tone. While all of these 30 notes play once at the same time at the beginning of the track, they all have different loop points (a sequence of loop points), so they gradually drift apart and eventually get back together. The result is a poly-rhythmic, non-recurrent sequence of harmonic tones, covering a wide frequency spectrum. Without having to set any of these notes manually and make intuitive decisions, I get a theme and a bassline and some sparkle on top.

What I heard inspired me to group the notes into three frequency ranges to allow seperate dynamics & FX treatment of bottom-end, mid- and hi-range.

Finally beats, minor arrangement & a tweak of modulation were added.

falko brocksieper – process part 288 (sipping on sinewaves) by modyfier

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