tarik barri – process part 285 (eleven)


There I am. There you are. I don’t know you and I don’t know myself. What I do know is that I’m trying to create some sort of space to express some kind of something which somehow lives somewhere inside of me. It’s okay; the space doesn’t really have to be real. I just need to be able to fly in it. Just like in these dreams that I’ve been having lately. And it needs to be beyond my comprehension, even though I will be its creator. ‘Cause my comprehension is quite boring and conventional, but just smart enough to know that it should try to reach beyond its limits. Maybe it will even reach out to you.

Using my rational abilities I translate my ideas about this space into computer language. I tell the computer to imagine them and bring them forth through sound and image. I tell it to create a world according to my wishes. I tell it to create a world, which is mine to rule and explore. It is a home that I build for myself… and simultaneously it feels like the most alien place I’ve ever traveled to. Seriously, what is this strange universe that somehow came out of me?

There it is. I don’t know what it’s capable of and I don’t know how it will develop in the future. What I do know is that it came out of me and that it resonates with something which somehow lives somewhere inside of me. Part of my inside world has materialized into an outside world. It can be seen by you and commonly acknowledged as part of our shared reality. Indeed, a part of me has become more real. It has become something to play with and be surprised by. Something to be explored in a much more constructive way, over a longer period of time, than if it had remained a dream, one of a thousand fleeting potential realities within my mind.

Flying through this world I create the entities within it, sometimes wondering if it’s even any good what I’m doing. But then again, since it makes my head explode it can’t be that bad either. And since this resonates so strongly with something which somehow lives somewhere inside of me, it must also be able to resonate with other people’s somethings. I don’t believe those somethings are as different from each other as they sometimes might seem to be. So hopefully, by showing a part of me to you I also show a part of you to yourself.

2 comments on “tarik barri – process part 285 (eleven)”

  1. I really like this short essay / text. I’ve been doing alot of similar thinking, days of building something in my head and trying to form what the output will look, be like.


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