jeff derringer – process part 284


A huge and respectful thanks to Modyfier for having me as a guest of her terrific series of mixes, tracks, explorations and soundscapes.

I spend a lot of time traveling city streets on foot, and I think my first affinity for techno came from the pace and the pulse it gave my everyday movements. That feeling has become a life’s pursuit, and I find myself drawn in my productions and my mixes to the pulse, swell, and rhythms that propel me through my days.

I am less interested in tricky mixes and sharp maneuvers – these types of dynamics don’t express the everyday motion of a self. I prefer the evolving development of the swell, as for me it represents the journey as passenger from here to there, location to location – from past to future.

I have not yet actualized this feeling of motion in my work, but I feel it approaching – walking towards me almost in reflection of how I am walking towards it, and one day I know that we will meet.

jeff derringer – process part 284 by modyfier

01. Drop 1 – Voices From the Lake
02. Wasserkraft – Cio D’or
03. Outis 001 A1 – Dino Sabatini
04. Passenger – Jeff Derringer
05. G – Tommy Four Seven (Regis Remix)
06. Drop 2 – Voices From the Lake
07. The Kidnapper Bell – Max_M (Shifted Remix)
08. El Mar – Silent Servant (Svreca Remix)
09. The Trail of Your Blood In the Snow – Jeff Derringer
10. Thermo – Mike Parker
11. The Trail of Your Blood In the Snow – Jeff Derringer (Iori Remix)
12. LX2 – Lucy & Xhin
13. Through the Lights – Claudio PRC
14. Heavy Industry – The Black Dog
15. Step 3 – Dino Sabatini
16. Limone – Donato Dozzy & Cio D’or

One comment on “jeff derringer – process part 284”

  1. tracklist looks absolutely amazing, looking fwd to listening to this!

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