stewart walker – process part 283


Divided identities. Here I am at home, under a blanket in Berlin’s November, trying to remember what it felt like to play a near-perfect techno set on top of a mountain peak in the center of Avelino, Italy with a summer breeze blowing through the dark valley behind me.

The weekend before, I had faced bitter disappointment when the Dommune festival was cancelled due to thunderstorms, only a few days after the catastrophe at Pukkel Pop. I’d prepared new material for an entire month, fretted over it, remixed, edited and tried again until I had it close to perfect. Luckily, it was all fresh in my head when I debuted at Flussi.

I keep doing this. Writing new material for the live show with some vague intention to turn the good tracks into records. But when I sit down in the studio, I immediately go in a different direction. Add some guitar, some chords, and the track gains beauty and precision at the cost of urgency. It usually turns into another piece entirely.

I’m getting more comfortable with it though, writing a live show purely as a performance piece, knowing that it will exist temporarily and then end up in one of a million folders on my hard drive. It’ll get backed up, and then perhaps rediscovered in a few years at which point I’ll be on a new trip. At one point I wrote a track entitled “it’s process not substance” and that has become a little mantra for me. Keep making new sounds, get them “right” and then move on.

stewart walker – process part 283 (live at flussi 2011) by modyfier

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